Kezia Cantwell-Wright

Kezia Cantwell-WrightFounder and Director of Draw(), Kezia originally trained as a fine artist at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  After graduation Kezia continued her artistic practice and took part in exhibitions such as Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think at the V&A’s Museum of Childhood in 2005.  In the same year Kezia also presented her first solo exhibition Connecting Spaces at Seven Seven Contemporary Art.

With a practice that had always been informed and inspired as much by design as art and with logic and the process as a key theme, Kezia by chance and yet quite naturally found herself working in the field of digital design.  A self-taught graphic designer and programmer Kezia went on to direct the creative department at leading digital marketing agency Nitro Digital between 2007 and 2010.

With a broad range of skills from traditional design through to generative coding practices at her disposal, Kezia now creates visual work in a range of mediums, always seeking to find a new and unexpected solution to a problem employing the best medium for the task at hand.  If you’d like to know more about Kezia’s past and current work or discuss an idea for a project please get in touch.